Bringing joy to the heart of fall

Let the sunshine in!

And here comes November and the weather gets a little more grey and a little more sad every day. This is the perfect moment to react and bring light and joy into your little home.

Indoor flower plants are the perfect antidote against dark thoughts, a moment of joy and energy in the heart of autumn and winter. Let’s not deprive ourselves of it!

But few indoor plants bloom during this season. So, if you are looking for a plant which will be very easy to maintain, you will naturally turn to cyclamen. Take a few minutes to observe its delightful growth pattern of brightly coloured flowers delicately carried on top of beautiful stems; An aspect that gives it the reputation of “prettiest autumn flower”. A treat for both, the eyes and our spirit.

There are many varieties and species of cyclamen and, once again, it is not always easy to understand. Of course, we love the INDIAKA® collection based on of 4 variations of bright and cheerful colors ; Their two-tone flowers shine and spread *jof and good humor all around.

Place it in a nice cozy spot

Once our mind is set on the perfect flower plant, we can easily assume that the work is done. But not quite as it is important to find the right spot where our INDIAKA®  will fully benefit from the season.

Indoors, opt for a bright place without direct sunlight. This can be in your kitchen, in a bright stairwell or in your living room if it isn’t too overheated. In that case, make sure to take your plant outside from time to time and give it some fresh air. You can even leave it outside during the night.

Moderate home temperatures between 16°C and 20°C are fine.

Outside, it will perfectly fit on your balconies, terraces and gardens, illuminating the darkests corners of its bright colors.
Regarding temperatures, it holds up to -2°C. If temperatures drop below, feel free to place it against a wall, on a windowsill where it will benefit from the natural heat of the building and a small protection against the weather.