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The INDIAKA® cyclamen collection is available in 5 color variations to embellish your home and share moments of happiness with your loved ones.

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Cyclamen is a beautiful fall plant which brings color in a time when few plants bloom, especially during autumn and winter.

Created by Morel Cyclamen, the INDIAKA® variety shines by its unique qualities that make it a particularly popular cyclamen amoung horticulturists and home or outdoor designers.

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an outstanding lifespan

The INDIAKA® cyclamen has abundant and long-lasting blooming from September to March. It is also easy to maintain. Placed on a balcony, in a garden or indoors, the colourful INDIAKA® cyclamen adapts well to all situations. It colours our life every day and spreads joy and good humour throughout fall and winter.

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a generous flowering

The luminous effect of the INDIAKA® cyclamen is undoubtedly due to the amount of flowers that each plant produces throughout the winter. By grouping 2 or 3 plants together, you’ll get a breathtaking effect.

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The INDIAKA® flower is very easy to recognize from its unique feature:  a beautiful color-contrast between the white base of the petal and its bright coloured top, radiating energy and joie de vivre.

If you add the vividity of the colors to this two-tone flower specificity, you get a trendy new variety ready to embrace the heart of any young plant-lover.

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The Made in France Origin

For quality purposes, our breeding and production are 100% Made in France, 100% located in Fréjus where we conduct the research of new varieties, their production and the harvest of seeds.

Our commitment to the environment


The INDIAKA® variety is part of the Morel cyclamen collection awarded “Collection Nationale” (“National Collection”) status by the CCVS*, recognising the quality and diversity of the cyclamen varieties bred.

This label attests to our commitment to preserve the environment and promote biodiversity.

MOREL, the breeder of INDIAKA®, is also officially recognized as a collection manager by the French government through the CTPS (Permanent Technical Committee for the Breeding of Cultivated Plants) section of the Ministry of Agriculture.

* CCVS : Conservatory of Specialised Plant Collections.

a responsible purchase

By choosing INDIAKA® cyclamen, you make a responsible purchase, environmental friendly and respectful of the biodiversity!