Care for your cyclamen

Tips & Care

Whether indoor or outdoor, adopt the right gestures and your INDIAKA® Cyclamen will last many years


Avoid direct sun

Put your INDIAKA® cyclamen in a bright spot, away from direct sunlight and sheltered from the weather.


Not too much water!

Gently water your plant (the soil should be slightly moist). Avoid using stagnant water. If you are using a saucer, empty the excess water after 30 minutes.


A little fertilizer

If possible, fertilise your plant once a month using a flowering plant fertiliser.

Regular Care

Lots of Love

Remove damaged flowers and leaves by pulling the stem at the base. This form of maintenance is essential to preserve the beauty of the plant, stimulating the growth of new flowers.


A gentle heat

Outdoors, INDIAKA® cyclamen can withstand initial frosts down to as low as -2°C. Choose a sheltered, semi-shaded spot. Indoors, INDIAKA® prefer moderate temperatures between 16° and 20°C.

Useful Tip

Make your INDIAKA® bloom again

Cyclamen is an annual plant with a very long flowing period. Depending on the climatic zones, it happens very often that after a period of dormancy the cyclamen slowly starts growing again. In this case, its cycle will be slowed down and its flowering will occur much later.

Here’s what you need to do if you would like to make your cyclamen bloom again after the flowering season (May/June):

In september, progressively start watering again.  Leaves will grow during four months and you will get a natural flowering cycle from February to June (you can start fertilizing again once the plant is revived).

Some cyclamen plants live more than 20 years, go for it!