A moment of joy



The INDIAKA® cyclamen collection is available in 5 shades of color to beautify your home and share moments of happiness with your loved ones

Color shades

5 colors to Enlighten your home 

INDIAKA® is distinguished by its unique two-tone colour. It is easily recognisable thanks to the extraordinary contrast between the white base of the petal and the brightly coloured extremities. Exists in 5 shades of color.

A touch of pep’s

Fall for

How beautiful is this INDIAKA® Magenta cyclamen! Incredibly cheerful, the Magenta color is undoubtedly the perfect choice to fight against the gloom of long autumn and winter evenings. A shot of peps and energy enhanced by the strong contrast between the deep green of its leaves and the petals that rise up to the sky like a flame.

A little sweetness

Let yourself be tempted by

We created the Salmon variant for softer, more pastel atmospheres that are suitable for cozy interiors and exteriors. close to the pink color, suitable for many interiors, we imagine the INDIAKA® salmon cyclamen as the ideal gift for a dinner with family or friends.

INDIAKA Cyclamen, Salmon coloured flowers
Cyclamen INDIAKA Fuchsia by Morel
A little freshness

Dare life
in fuchsia

A room a little sad, some extra space in a corner?
At the crossroads of red, pink and magenta, the INDIAKA® fuchsia cyclamen is the most spectacular amoung the collection. Decorators love it for the liveliness and energy it will bring to any room.

A bit of originality

Go for love in purple

A personalized touch with this purple variant of our INDIAKA® cyclamen. Ideal to display a more daring design on your holiday tables, your cozy interiors or your opulent flower planters. Don’t hesitate to use this deep and timeless color, symbol of eternity but also of a hidden love as we usually say for «a purple heart». The purple color is also a feminine color. It is commonly associated with a touch of sentimentality, gentleness, dignity, maturity, balance and empathy. Just try our purple INDIAKA® and let yourself be surprised!

Cyclamen INDIAKA violet
A trendy Elegance

Choose the finesse of Light Pink

In the mood for softness and pastels ? Don’t miss out on the trendy color light fuchsia.
Light pink or pale pink colors express softness, affection and calm.
INDIAKA® Light Fuchsia will bring a touch of softness to your interior furnishings and accompany your flower pots with infinite delicacy.

by Morel

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