Go for this colourful festive table

Des cyclamens INDIAKA en centre de table - Idées décoration

Breathtaking table decorations!

Not only do INDIAKA® cyclamen decorate terraces, balconies and gardens; as a potted plant or fresh cut flowers, they are also perfect as table decorations.

In just a few steps, this beautiful plant can be arranged in multiple ways: you just need to let imagination and creativity run free!

Just before falling asleep for the winter, nature finds its apotheosis in the autumn where it plays all its trump cards. Rich colors, intense smells and delicious fresh products appeal to the senses and invite you to savour. Among the many flowers that display their splendour after late summer, the INDIAKA® cyclamen is undoubtedly one of the superstars. Its bright two-tone petals bring a burst of color and joy, both indoors and outdoors, in pots or as a bouquet of fresh cut flowers.
Its intense, modern colours and versatility make the INDIAKA® cyclamen not only a beautiful eye-catcher on sad days, but also a fantastic floral table decoration.

A luxurious party table staring INDIAKA® and seasonal fruit

What could be more beautiful than to gather around a table decorated with multicolored flowers in the garden on a sweet autumn day to party?

On this feast table, a row of INDIAKA® cyclamen with an abundant vivid magenta flowering create like a fireworks of colours and instantly bring happiness to all guests.

Seasonal fruits such as grapes, apples, plums and figs, combined with heather, decorative cabbage and purple berries complete this autumn and opulent table decoration.

Add a touch of originality by decorating your guests’ plates with fresh cut INDIAKA® cyclamen stems, decorated with a purple berry branch, all inserted into a coloured flower tube.

Decorate your tables with the INDIAKA® cyclamen and share your creations with us!
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