We love… this charming INDIAKA® coffee table decoration

Your essential accessory

Isn’t seeing a nice bouquet of cyclamen around the house the most enjoyable  thing? But have you noted how little we think about using fresh cut flowers as a home-design asset when they make a wonderful decoration accessory that we can renew over and over again?

INDIAKA® cyclamen cut flowers form an original, elegant and amazing bouquet that can easily be placed wherever you want. Their height of about twenty centimeters make it easy to display and to match with the container of your choice.

On this display, a small bouquet of perfectly formed Indiaka® cyclamen makes a lovely fuchsia-colored centerpiece on a coffee table. Several glass bottles contain cut INDIAKA® cyclamen, eucalyptus branches and matching garden flowers. These jars are combined with pine cones painted in purple. All carefully arranged on a decorative tray forms a harmonious whole.

Perfect in bouquet of fresh cut flowers

INDIAKA® cyclamen fresh cut flowers present many benefits.

Placed in a vase, they will last for a very long time, 15 days and more!

They also brighten up a room with a palette of bright or tender colors during a rather reduced period in terms of choice of flowers, from October to February.

Finally, the vase water remains clear and without olfactory degradation.

Tips from our experts: how to make your bouquet last longer!

Here are a few tips to make your bouquet of INDIAKA® cyclamen cut flowers last.

Cut cyclamen flowers prefer pure water. No need to add a preservative!

Regularly cut the stems from their base and notch them lengthwise (about 2 cm) before replacing them in the vase.

And last but not least, don’t hesitate to share your bouquet with friends and family!