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Order online your free INDIAKA® Cyclamen labels. They will be delivered in just a few days.

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Why add this label to your plants?
To add value to your plants will help you sell them well, while providing care advice. The Cyclamen Indiaka® will therefore be recognizable thanks to its two-color petals and its matching label!

Format: 60×95 mm
Material: Recycled polypropylene – 0.4 mm (0.015’’) thick
Label reference: FFMD02022

Find all our maintenance tips for the Cyclamen Indiaka® on the back of the label :

Location: indoor, outdoor, balcony, terrace.
Light exposure: indirect light or partial shade.
Watering: keep the soil slightly moist.
Feeding: Fertilize once a month.
Remove old flowers and leaves.
Temperature: hardiness -2 °C/28°F
Care: Avoid stagnant water, keep away from severe weather

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Information before ordering :
Labels are delivered and billed in packs of 100.
A minimum order is set at 500 labels.

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